"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me: for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Matthew 19:14






Images of children courtesy of Cleveland First 
Baptist Church

          There is something big and exciting going on in the faith community of Cleveland-Bradley County in Tennessee.  Dreams are “under construction” for the development of a Children’s Christian Discovery Museum in the area. 

     The dream is for children (and adults) to have access to a fun facility that creatively illustrates the scriptures and surrounds its participants with reminders of the truth and the power of God’s word.  The museum will be both interactive and observational.

     The Christian Discovery Museum will offer many useful services for your party or group.  This will not only become a fun, educational place to bring your children, but it will serve as a valuable, beloved fixture in the community.
Some of the features of the Christian Discovery Museum will be

·         A visually stimulating, child-friendly café.

·         A gift shop offering both religious and regional delights.

·         Meeting Rooms for your company or group.

·         Birthday Party Facilities.

·         Space for dynamic, temporary exhibits.



Coming Again in 2008: Religious quilt show!

Do you have quilts with a religious theme, image, song, Bible passage, etc. that are unique?  Would you like to participate by making a quilt block? 
Guidelines for the block challenge will be available by November 1st. . 

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