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     Telling the history from Genesis through the future in Revelation, the museum will provide fun and exciting activities for children and adults to learn about the adventures and truths of the Bible.

     The following is a list of prospective exhibits planned for Christian Discovery Museum (Hover cursor over each exhibit title for the Biblical reference):

         Origin Confirmed - God Created All in Six Days  

         Flooding Subsides - Noah's Family Only Ones to Survive

         Sacrifice Switched - Son Saved by God's Grace

         Family Feud - Brothers' Inheritance Switched  

         Heading Upward - Jacob's Ladder  

         Fashion Review - Son Receives Special Coat

         Unusual Brushfire - Moses Encounters Burning Bush

         City Plagued - Frogs, Gnats . . . Locals Disgusted

         Egyptian Catastrophe - Red Sea Engulfs Egyptians During Pursuit of Israelites  

         Tablets Revealed - Moses Reveals Ten Commandments After Mountain Climb

         Journey Continues - Israelites Continually Guided and Provided For

         Animal Talk - Local Donkey Speaks

         Refugees Hidden - Local Resident Protects Spies

         Walls Tumble - Joshua Leads Jericho's Fall

         Women in Government - Judge Deborah Prevails

         Long Hair (In or Out?) - Samson's Strength Derived From Long Hair?

         War Update - Philistine Giant Killed by Youth

         Friendship in Trouble - David and Jonathan Face Family Dispute

         Bird Feeding - Elijah Fed by Ravens

         Oil and Meal - Life of a Widow

         Altar and Cloud - Elijah's Story

         Trio Tactics - Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego

         A New Fad in Home Decorating? - God's Sign, Not Redesign

         Local Survives Lions - Daniel Unharmed During Lion Encounter

         Ocean Attack - Local Eaten by Large Fish

         Astronomical Encounter - Baby's Arrival Brings Brightest Star to Bethlehem

         A Voice and A Dove descend from Heaven- Jesus Baptized by John the Baptist

         Jesus Heals Leper - No More Shouts of 'Unclean!'

         Tips For This Summer's Garden - Local Farmer Has Experience with Three Different Soils

         Saved From Drowning - Peter Focuses on Jesus

         Death at Golgotha - Leader of Local Religious Outcasts Put to Death By Brutal Means

         Dead Man Walking! - Witnesses Confirm the Tomb is Empty

         Peace Be Still - Jesus Calms the Storm

         A Child is Returned - Jarius Says He Will Never Be Able to Repay Jesus

         Man Beaten, Robbed, Left for Dead - A Samaritan Man Shows Pity on the Victim

         Payment, Pigs, and a Party - Prodigal Returns After Hard Lesson Learned

         Local Tax Collector 'Up a Tree' - Jesus Pays Him a Visit

         Fine As Wine - Jesus Turns Water to Wine

         Food Banks For Miles Try To Book Jesus

         A New Uprising in Local Tomb - Lazarus, Come Forth!

         Hands-On Proof - Doubting Thomas Believes

         Jesus of Nazareth Disappears After Mysterious Resurrection - Was it an Ascension or Aliens?

         Blind Man Says He Sees Clearer Than Ever

         Two Local Prisoners Set Free - Eyewitness Account from the Guard Himself

         A New Way to Squeeze in Some Extra Vitamins and Other Good Stuff

         Thousands Missing - Scientists Around the World Working to Find Out What Happened

         It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's . . . A Man in the Clouds? - Who Was That and Where is Everyone?

     The Following is a list of potential temporary or alternating exhibits planned for the museum:

         Veggie Tales



         McGee and Me

         Alice in Bible Land

         Precious Moments

         The Story Keepers

         Christian Comic Books

         History of Children's Christian Music

         History of Valentine's Day

         History of Christianity Coming to the U.S.

         History of Christmas

         Operation Christmas Child - Samaritan's Purse

         Christian Cartoons

         Christian Artists

         'Dear God' Books, etc.

         Suzy Zoo Christian products - Suzy Spafford

         C.S. Lewis

         Max Lucado - Hermie, Books, Etc.

         Janette Oke

         Laura Ingalls Wilder

         Left Behind Series


         Christian Sports Figures (Max Littleton)

         Grace Livingston Hill

         Missionaries of Certain Countries (including cultural items from those countries)

         History of Church Architecture

         History of Christians in the Armed Forces

         Compassion International/Feed the Children

         Bugs in the Bible

         Sports in the Bible

         Transportation in the Bible

         How do children in various countries worship?

         Armies/Wars in the Bible

         Clothing in the Bible

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