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how you can help


All contributions to this study will be listed as 'Founding Sponsors' of the Christian Discovery Museum and will be listed on all marketing and fundraising literature for the Capital Campaign.  Our goal is to have $25,000 pledged by the end of August.

For more information, 
please contact 
Douglas Caywood

    If you believe in our vision, these are ways that you can help:

·         Sponsor a specific Bible Story Exhibit.

·         Purchase a ‘Footprint’ for the Pathway to the Museum.

·         Purchase a Mini-Time Capsule to honor a loved one.

·         Put Christian Discovery Museum on your prayer list.

·         Volunteer your skills and time.

     If you, your church or business would like more information and/or to provide sponsorship, please contact:

Mr. Douglas B. Caywood, President
Christian Discovery Museum

Be a part of it!

    We would like to thank Craig Dunn with 1220 and Troy Birdsong with Birdsong Creative for their presentations at our July 11th Board Meeting.  The attendees were impressed with the information about museum development- from fundraising through construction - and how different entities could be involved along the way.

  If you are interested in attending one of our meetings please contact Douglas Caywood for more info.





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for more information, please email

douglas caywood